A Bundle of Poetry The Silent Cry of the Heart


An Autumn Day

Light comes into the room through a south-facing window.

I don’t find it annoying.

For the sun’s rays may illuminate my heart.

How long will the long fight last?

What on earth am I fighting against?

When I feel sorry for myself, I am completely overwhelmed by myself.

The person I am fighting will have no idea what I am going through.

This disturbs me even more.

The fight continues in the quiet, inaudible room.

I think to myself, I’m not going to fight anymore,

it would be the same as falling into a deep sleep.

As long as this day lasts, this fight will continue.

Lose it.

Stupid and helpless.

I, who have been howling in the distance without a voice.

How beautiful is the howl of a wolf?

Its howl is to someone far away, whom it does not know.

To someone far away.

I feel nothing and wonder when I will fall into a distant sleep.

Even if I don’t do anything.

Only time.


No, not slowly.

Its speed is already running at a speed

My mind follows the flow of time

in my head, following the flow of time.

You might as well be talking to clouds in the distance.

Seemingly unanswerable at first glance.

But I know that is not the case.

Thank you for your comfort.

Tomorrow, I will be comforted by a different cloud than today.

The Beginning of Winter

Though the sky should not ring with rolls and rolls

But a mysterious sound comes from the sky.

The sound is as if the world is about to be destroyed

As if many people are kneeling on the ground and praying to God for its destruction

as if they are praying to God not to do so.

The strange sound of rolling is heard.


I don’t hear such a sound even if a stone rolls.

I feel as if I can see God getting angry when the world is dying.

Please God, punish these foolish people.

Of course, please punish me too.

My wish seems to be coming true.

God will not let the misdeeds of these foolish people go unnoticed from afar.

22 days before Christmas

If I’m not feeling well, I can’t do anything.

I need to take care of myself.

No one knows when a person’s death will come.

No one knows when death will come.

God, of course, cannot tell us.

Even if you don’t intend to breathe, you will breathe.

Even if I try to stop my heart from beating

My heart doesn’t do what I want it to do, it beats on its own.

It beats on its own.

Who in the world is controlling me?

It has been decades since I began to think like that.

I don’t think you are ready to pick me up yet.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to go with the flow.

I’m going to let my body go with the natural time.

In fact, nothing will change for me whether Christmas comes or not.

At best, I’ll just let the festive atmosphere take over.

The cat glanced at me.

I wondered if the cat was cold.

I tried to talk to the cat, wondering if it was cold.

The cat paused for a moment

without looking at me.

Without moving its tail

As if the world, Christmas, and everything else had nothing to do with you.

Weak and Strong

Weak and strong,

a rhythm of life we all belong.

The ups and downs,

the highs and lows,

a beat that never slows.

Sometimes we’re down,

feeling weak and small,

struggling to stand up tall.

Other times we’re strong,

confident and bold,

ready to take on the world.

Weak and strong,

we dance to life’s song,

never knowing what comes along.

But with each beat,

we find our feet,

and keep on moving along.


いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎