Pococha Review Dedicated to Ms. M. 50 billion light-years, wishing for the return of Ms. M.

pococha review

Pococcia Review Dedicated to Ms. M. 50 billion light years, wishing for the return of Ms. M.

pococha is a popular video streaming service in Japan. I’m interested in one of the members, Ms. M.

Ms. M has been absent from pococha since May 1 due to illness.

On the 30th of April, she tearfully told us that she had been stopped by the doctor for a month.

I have a family quota page and I post once every day before I go to bed.

Some of the family members feel the same way I do, and some of them continue to post even one line.

Sometimes, Ms. M also looks at the posts and feels relieved when she sees the short comments.

I wonder if Ms. M will be able to return to work, but if her health doesn’t improve, I don’t think she needs to push herself to return.

Ms. M’s delivery is full of smiles.

It was hard to believe that she was overwhelmed by her illness.

However, after her delivery, Ms. M said that she was feeling thoughtful.

I think this word “thoughtfulness” is a Japanese word that ordinary people don’t understand.

It was unbelievable that Ms. M had a mental illness.

Ms. M must have used a lot of energy for the delivery.

I felt that it was not so bad, though the reaction came out after the delivery.

I had mentioned in one of Ms. M’s deliveries that I had taken five sleeping pills.

Ms. M seemed a little surprised by my words, but she told me that she was sure that Mr. Take would get better, even though I used to take pills because I couldn’t sleep.

At that moment, I began to think that maybe Ms. M had suffered from an illness in the past.
However, Ms. M’s delivery was that she might have had a mental illness before, but she thought it was already in remission.

That was a misunderstanding of my imagination.

There were times when I had to leave the room in the middle of a delivery, but it seemed to be a very natural act.

I later found out that Ms. M had been ill and had been out of his seat.

This disease makes it impossible to smile.

If you try to force yourself to smile, your body will scream.

I have no doubt that Ms. M’s smile was a genuine smile, but I think she was pushing himself very hard.

Ms. M is one of the top performers in the group, and even though she is in the A band, she is close to the S band.

She once told me that she never goes to the training courses of the so-called popular streamers.

She told me that she never goes to the training sessions for the so-called “popular” girls, because she doesn’t want to be tied down.

A-band and S-band have higher hourly wages. I was told by another streamer that A-band members were paid more than 2,000 yen per hour.

If they become that popular, I think the distribution of Pococha’s products alone will be enough to generate enough income.

However, I felt that Ms. M was not going for the money without joining the office.

Ms. M told me that there were many streamers who had joined an office and quit because they were told to do something unreasonable.

I had noticed that too, because I had heard that one of the members who had joined the office and was happily distributing her music had quit one day because it was becoming too much for her.

Ms. M was well aware of this.

It’s been almost a month since the last delivery on April 30.

The comments she left on the family frame tell us a lot about whether or not she will be able to return on June 1.

This disease should not be rushed.

There is no word for cure in this disease. It’s called remission. It is a disease with such a high risk of relapse.

Ms. M, there is no need to rush.

It may be painful to do nothing slowly, but doing nothing may be an important task.

Some people think that this disease is just a kind of cold that anyone can get.

That is a big mistake.

Even if it is true that anyone can get it, it does not work like a cold does.

It is said that the common cold is the source of all illnesses, but if you underestimate the common cold, you will be in trouble.

It is a life-threatening disease.

It is a shame that even today, with the advancement of medicine, there are still people who neglect this disease.

This disease is equivalent to cancer.

There are always people who lose their lives.

This is why the average life expectancy for this disease is low.

Today was a hospital day for me.

I went to get my usual medicine.

I have been with my current doctor for more than five years now, and he has become an important person to whom I can ask anything.

I think my life of medication will continue until I die.

All I care about is Ms. M.

Yes, recuperation does not have to be limited to one month.

I just want her to be alive.

For five hundred million light-years, I’m going to wait for Ms. M’s resurrection.

Be strong, my comrade. SEKAI NO OWARI “Nightmare on Ginga Street” and be strong to me!

pococha review

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎