New PV for “Dragon Ball Super” movie: Shocking Son Gohan Beast, Orange Piccolo, and Cell Max!

dragonball pv

A new PV for the movie “Dragon Ball Super Hero” currently being screened has been released. Gohan and Piccolo are super-awakened, taking on their ultimate forms, and “Cell Max,” the “worst of the worst,” makes an appearance.

 In the PV. Gohan & Piccolo, Gamma #1 & Gamma #2, and Goku and Vegeta’s powerful battle scenes are depicted in the new video, while the comical interaction between Kaminryu and Bulma, which is one of the charms of this work, is also shown.

 Then, “Orange Piccolo,” who has surpassed Piccolo’s already released potential, is shown in a fierce battle with “Cell Max,” the “worst existence” created by the Red Ribbon Army.

 Piccolo not only turns orange in appearance, but also grows to a gigantic size and engages in a deadly battle with Cellmax, a deadly weapon that conveys strength and terror at a glance. In Piccolo’s pinch, Gohan finally reveals his dormant power and takes on the form of “Son Gohan Beast. With silver hair and red eyes, and a tremendous aura, Gohan has a wildness that is unimaginable in his normal form.

dragonball pv

いいね または フォローしてね!

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