Middle-aged and older people are the first generation of computers. They are not losing out to the young.

1st generation of PC

The Internet is filled with all kinds of information. There are many things that can be solved instantly with the Internet.

I used to use a heavy dictionary or an electronic dictionary to read English sentences, but now I can look it up on the Internet and find out the meaning in one shot, which is very useful.

It is also possible to open two or more screens at the same time on a single screen, so I can work on one screen while opening two screens, which is very convenient. I think 8G of memory is necessary. If I could make it multi-screen, I think I could have a more comfortable computer life, but I haven’t gone that far yet.

My desktop computer has only one VGA, so it seems that I need a conversion adapter to make two screens. By the way, the computer I’m using now has been in use for more than three years, but it’s still working, which is a big help.

The CPU is an Intel i5 and the memory is 8G, so it can run movies very well. I bought it at a Yahoo auction for about 10,000 yen used. I’ve been looking at Yahoo auctions whenever I have time because I need a new computer soon.

It is now possible to buy a used computer with high specifications for 30,000 yen. Thirty years ago, there was no Internet. Personal computers existed, but the storage medium was floppy disks. I bought a second-hand Fujitsu FM-7 and played with it, creating games using MS-DOS. the FM-7 did not have floppy disks, and I had to use an external data recorder to store data on cassette tapes. Nowadays, data recorders and floppy disks have become obsolete, and SSDs and HDDs have become much cheaper.

The first computer I bought was 8 bit, but now 64 bit is the mainstream. The progress of personal computers has been remarkable. At the same time as the Internet was introduced to the world, cell phones also appeared. A phone with no wires connected was revolutionary. At the time, cell phones were heavy and thick, but today’s smartphones are small and as powerful as computers, and the 5G era is upon us.

I bought both my computer and cell phone cheaply used when they were first released, so now I can keep up with their progress. It is often said that young people take the lead in electronic devices such as computers and cell phones, and that middle-aged and older people cannot keep up. It is often said that middle-aged and older people cannot keep up with such young people, but from my point of view, the opposite is true. Middle-aged and older people are the first generation. It is often said that middle-aged and older people are the ones who are the least informed, but I think that is wrong. Those who are now in their 70s and above may not have been interested in it, but those who are in their 60s and above are the generation that experienced its emergence first hand.

The other day, I tried for the first time to replace the batteries of my Android and iPhone. This is because I know the inside of a computer very well, but I was a little afraid to open up the inside of a phone. However, it was easier than I thought. If you watch Youtube, you can learn how to do it in detail and for free.
For the Android phone, I had to warm up the back cover with a hair dryer and open it little by little. The IPhone has two screws, so I used a special screwdriver to open it in two places, and instead of opening it all the way, I just opened the back cover halfway and fixed it with a plastic bottle, and the rest was easy. The special screws are also included with the battery, and the battery is very cheap, about 2000 yen. If I had to say, the double-sided tape on the back of the battery was so strong that I couldn’t remove it very well, but removing the tape is something even a schoolboy can do.

It’s a shame to change your phone after two years. It’s a waste of money to change phones after two years.

I spend more and more time with my computer.
A computer can suddenly break down with no apparent cause. When this happens, it takes a long time to get it back up and running, but it’s like a child complaining. There is no doubt that computers are machines, but it will not be long before AI will be more advanced and they will think and act like humans.

OK, Google, what’s the weather today? What’s today’s news?

This is when my day begins.

1st generation of PC

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎