MG 1/100 Rick Dom: Upgraded exterior and internal structure

gundum MG

The plastic model of the Rick Dom from the popular anime series ‘Gundam’ will be released in March 2022 as ‘MG 1/100 Rick Dom’ from the Bandai Spirits ‘MG’ series. The price is 5,500 yen.

The exterior and internal structure of the popular plastic model ‘MG 1/100 Rick Dom’ has been upgraded. The austere bluish-purple colour of the fuselage is expressed in moulded colours, and the enlarged backpack, rear skirt and internal vernier unit have also been reproduced.

 The underside of the legs are precisely reproduced with mechanical details of the space verniers.

Comes with beam bazooka, giant buzz and heat saber.

gundum MG

いいね または フォローしてね!

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