Konami’s “Frogger”, released in 1981, is turned into a “SASUKE” style show. The winner is named “The Best Frogger in America” and receives $100,000.

frogger in america

On August 20, NBCUniversal released the trailer for “Frogger”, a fitness show based on Konami’s Frogger arcade game, on the official YouTube channel of its Peacock streaming service.

 According to the video summary section of the YouTube trailer, the show will be available on Peacock from the 9th of September with a new episode every Thursday.

 Unfortunately, Peacock is not available in Japan.

 Frogger is an action game developed in 1981 and released for arcades by Sega Enterprises and Sega Gremlins. The player controls a frog character who waits at the bottom of the screen, avoiding various car crocodiles, snakes and otters as they make their way up the map to the frog’s nest at the far end.

 Since then, numbered titles have been released for various hardware, most recently Arcade Archives Frogger for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

 The newly announced show is a reimagining of the original Frogger game as a fitness show, similar to the SASUKE TV show, where you aim to complete athletic challenges, and the trailer features a giant water stage based on Frogger.

 The trailer features a huge water stage based on Frogger, with contestants from all over the country using their skills and stamina to conquer the stage, with the winner receiving the title of “America’s finest frogger” and $100,000.

 Forty years after the original game was released, “Frogger” has been adapted into a live-action fitness show rather than a movie. Who will win the title of “America’s Greatest Frogger”?

frogger in america

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