Japan’s Prime Minister Suga’s “blunder” at the Peace Memorial Ceremony… “Skipping words” is trending… “Hiroshima City” was misspelled as “Hiromashi” and “Atomic Bomb” “Genbaku” was misspelled as “Genpatsu”.

Suga, Prime Minister in Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister Suga made the mistake of skipping over his speech at the Peace Memorial Ceremony held in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on August 6, the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and the word “skip reading” became the top trending word on Yahoo!

In the opening part of her speech, she misspoke “Hiroshima City” as “Hiromashi” and “Genbaku” as ”Genpatsu”. Renho, a member of the House of Councillors of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, “Everyone makes mistakes. But there is one word that should not be mistaken and should be treasured very much. Prime Minister Suga,” she denounced.

Former Niigata governor Ryuichi Yoneyama also tweeted: “Not only does he not answer reporters’ questions, but even his own greetings no longer add up. I think he’s reached his limit.”

 In addition to the above, there are other tweets on Twitter, such as “He skipped over the most important part of the speech after it was written. He is not sure what to make of it.”

In Tokyo, Covid-19 has exceeded 5,000 people. A state of emergency has been declared, but the number keeps increasing.

The Japanese will never forget that Prime Minister Suga and Tokyo Governor Koike were among the 40 people who met with the IOC’s Bach.

Suga, Prime Minister in Japan

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