Japanese comedian, Hitoshi Matsumoto, boldly proposes to “exempt Japanese citizens from taxes for one year” if the flow of people is controlled by the Covid-19 measures.

Hitoshi Matsumoto Japanese comedian covid-19

The Japanese comedian, Hitoshi Matsumoto (57) of “Downtown” appeared on Fuji Television’s “Widenashow” on the 1st.

He said that the government’s policy of curbing the flow of people is becoming increasingly opposed by the public, and he boldly proposed that the government should say, “We will exempt the Japanese people from taxes for one year.

 The number of new cases of the new coronavirus in Japan exceeded 12,000 for the first time on March 31, breaking the record for the fourth day in a row.

Tokyo also had more than 4,000 cases for the first time.

 In addition, Matsumoto suggested, “If you can reduce the flow of people, and it’s not even a joke, you can say something like, ‘We’re going to exempt Japanese citizens from paying taxes for one year. Koji Higashino, also an MC, agreed, saying, “If there is a reward that is easy to understand,” he said.

 Matsumoto said, “I thought about zero consumption tax, but I thought that would increase the number of people who go shopping. I don’t know how to put it, but the government has to dangle a carrot”, he continued.

I, all the Japanese do agree with his idea.

Hitoshi Matsumoto Japanese comedian covid-19

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