Hiroyuki Today: On Japanese Justice Minister Hanashi: “The Japanese government is run by people like this.”

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, aka “Hiroyuki,” a businessman and founder of the online bulletin board “2channel,” updated his Twitter page on April 10.

He quoted from an NHK article titled, “Minister of Justice Hanashi’s ‘humble position’ in the news by stamping the death penalty,” and expressed his personal opinion on the matter.

According to the article quoted by Hiroyuki, Justice Minister Hanashi gave a speech at a meeting held in Tokyo on the evening of September 9, where he said, “It is a humble position that only becomes the top story on the noon news when I stamp the death penalty in the morning,” in reference to his duties as Minister of Justice.

He then added, “This time I was embraced by the issue of the former Unification Church, and rather than just being embraced, I had to work hard to resolve the issue, and my face was somewhat shown on TV.” He added, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice are not associated with votes and money. Even if I became Minister of Justice, I would not be able to raise money. It’s hard to get votes,” he reportedly said.

Quoting the same article on Twitter, Hiroyuki said, “It’s amazing that he doesn’t think it’s a bad thing to say ‘I became a minister because it brings in votes and money. The Japanese government is run by people like this.” He then went on to develop his own theory that “the Japanese government is run by people like this.

Minister Hanashi only thinks about money and honor.

Japan may be in ruins if such a person is the minister of Japan.

Hiroyuki Today

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