Hiroyuki Today: Is Blood Type Necessary in Celebrity Profiles? Hiroyuki: “I’m over 30 years old and this talk is stupid.

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The profile of Sumire Miyaji, a new member of Hyugaizaka 46, has become a topic of conversation, and on the 23rd, “Blood Type Unknown” on Miyaji’s profile skyrocketed in Twitter trends. As of 3:00 p.m., it ranked first.

 The “Blood Type Unknown” was followed on Twitter by the question, “Why is it on the profile in the first place? Why do we need to know the blood type of idols?” The response to the “Blood Type Unknown” was a flood of responses such as, “Nowadays they don’t check the blood type of newborn babies, so it’s no wonder they don’t know” and “Japan really likes to talk about blood type.

 Appearing on the news program “ABEMA Prime,” Hiroyuki, founder of the online bulletin board “2channel,” commented, “Blood type fortune-telling is basically eyebrow-raising. When people say, ‘Type B is like this,’ I say, ‘Surely you are selfish,’ because people are always selfish in some way. People who talk like this when they are over 30 years old are not very smart.

Opinion of the Broadcasting Policy and Program Improvement Organization (BPO)

 On the other hand, the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization) has requested that programs dealing with blood types not promote the view that a person’s character is defined by his or her blood type, saying, “The idea of classifying and valuing people according to their blood type, which they cannot control, is dangerous because it leads to social discrimination. In addition, many hospitals and clinics generally recommend testing newborns after the age of three or four, as testing their blood type may give incorrect results.

 Mr. Hiroyuki said, “I think there is also the ethnicity of Japanese people,” adding, “Japanese people happen to be divided into four blood types, so it is easy to talk about, but in other countries, fewer people know their own blood type. For example, in Brazil, most people are type O, so it’s hard to talk about it,” he opined. (From “ABEMA Prime”)

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