Hiroyuki Today: Hiroyuki shows no respect for human dignity by treating the Henoko base issue as a “story” (La Salle Ishii).

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki’s words and actions at Henoko, Okinawa, have become an issue.

 It all started when, at the site of a sit-in by opponents of the base on location for Abema TV, next to a sign that read 3011 days, Mr Horie said, “Since there was no one protesting the sit-in, shouldn’t it be 0 days?” and tweeted a derisive tweet with a photo.

 He pointed out that the only actual protest is when trucks bring in earth and sand three times a day, but he thought the ‘sit-in’ was a 24-hour shift and someone was always there, so it wouldn’t be a ‘sit-in’ then.

 Whether this opposition protest is the best way to go about it is debatable, but to say that as many non-violent citizen (not necessarily Okinawan citizen) protests as possible have been going on for over eight years, as if they were all in vain, without any preliminary research, would be too violent and unbecoming.

 When the protests get flared up, they bring up the meaning of “sit-in” in the dictionary to refute the protests, which is childish. It does not even raise the issue (although there are those who say it did, the base issue is not the kind of issue that can be inflamed to get attention).

 He is a man who blasts and debunks all kinds of things, and even Okinawa is one of his ‘stories’? He cuts out only the phenomenon that is currently emerging, and discusses only whether it is effective or not contradictory. He skips over the history, background, human conflicts and suffering that led up to it.

 It is not so much a lack of study (a term often used by these people to argue with their opponents), but rather a shallow respect for human dignity.

 I was there, but when I saw the sea of red clay being thrown in and the people being eliminated, I didn’t feel like laughing and making fun of them (of course laughter is important, a smile that cheers others up is good, but a cynical smile produces nothing).

 Apparently, a lot of his knowledge comes from netto-yo-ish comments on the internet, with obvious mistakes such as “people started living there after the Futenma base was built”, and some statements sound like discrimination, such as “Okinawans cannot speak grammatically” to say that there are non-Okinawans among the people sitting in the area. I will talk about this area next week in response to my Twitter feed.

Japan is still swamped by developmental statements.

Hiroyuki Today

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