Hiroyuki today: Hiroyuki mentions “annoying type” in “Sushiro Peropero” incident

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On January 1st, Hiroyuki Hiroyuki, a businessman and founder of 2chan, updated his Twitter page and commented on the “Sushiro peropero” incident.

 On January 30, Akindo Sushiro, a major conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, announced that it had discovered a video on social networking sites showing a customer licking the spout of a tabletop soy sauce pot.


In addition to licking the spout of the soy sauce jug, the video also shows customers licking unused tea cups and spitting on the sushi on the conveyor belt.

On January 1, Sushiro announced on its official website that the offensive video was filmed at the Gifu Masaki branch, that it had received apologies from the parties involved and their guardians for the offensive behavior, but that it would take strict action on both criminal and civil grounds.

 Hiroyuki quoted the news report about the incident. The idea is that it’s okay to do something illegal because there are a lot of people who support you and are happy about it,” he said. Hiroyuki speculated on the mindset of the “culprits.

 He added, “I think the people who are defending the traffic obstruction at Henoko Base are the ones who are encouraging illegal acts and nuisance systems. He commented.

He compared the sit-in protests to the opposition movement at the Henoko base in Okinawa, where he had received various criticisms.

To which he replied, “We must always keep in mind that there are times when illegal acts are more ‘righteous. But Hiroyuki replied, “That’s how criminals think, isn’t it?” He replied, “I think so.

Hiroyuki Today

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