Hiroyuki Today: “Former Prime Minister Abe has put a stigma on us…” Liquidating the Former Unification Church Issue

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Hiroyuki, the founder of 2channel and a businessman, once again referred to the former Unification Church issue.

 He updated his Twitter page on March 21. He attached an article about an interview he had with journalist Eight Suzuki, in which he discussed the issue of the former Unification Church, which has no way out of the situation.

 ”Regarding the future,” Hiroyuki said, “I will conduct an investigation into the Unification Church to grasp the actual situation and aim to deprive them of their tax-exempt privileges,” referring to the review of corporate taxation of religious corporations.

 Regarding the past, he said, “For the sake of Japanese society, I would like former Prime Minister Abe to bear the stigma and the LDP to survive. Rather than dwelling only on the past, I feel that it is necessary to decide where to drop the ball for the sake of the future”.

 The LDP conducted its own investigation into the LDP’s relationship with the cult, but it was a self-report and the names of those lawmakers whose involvement was deemed minor, such as those who sent congratulatory telegrams, were not disclosed. This has been criticized in some quarters as “hari-bote” (something that looks respectable but has no substance).

 On the other hand, it is also true that politics has been stagnant due to the former Unification Church issue. Will Hiroyuki’s proposal create a stir?

Hiroyuki Today

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