Hiroyuki Today: a scheduled interview was cancelled due to reasons on the part of the Ryukyu Shimpo.

Hiroyuki Today

The Ryukyu Shimpo published an article on 21 October 2022 explaining the circumstances surrounding a row in which businessman Hiroyuki Nishimura complained on Twitter that a scheduled interview had been cancelled due to reasons on the part of the Ryukyu Shimpo.

 The article explained that two days before the interview, Hiroyuki’s side added “new conditions requiring distribution on other media channels” and decided to hold off. The article partially refuted some of Hiroyuki’s claims.

‘Conditions were added from Mr. Hiroyuki’s side’.

 On Twitter on the evening of 20 November, Hiroyuki reported that he had planned to distribute an interview from the Ryukyu Shimpo on the evening of 21 November, but that it had been cancelled.

‘Certain media reported that I said something I didn’t say, so I said ‘I did. To avoid ‘I didn’t say it’, we were going to interview him while delivering the report, but due to circumstances on the Ryukyu Shimpo side, it was cancelled the day before.”

 As this post went viral, the Ryukyu Shimpo reported on its official Twitter page late at night on the same day that “The interview with Hiroyuki-san scheduled for the 21st was not ready due to additional conditions added by Hiroyuki-san”.

 The newspaper also published an article titled “Hiroyuki-san’s interview with this newspaper postponed due to additional conditions added from Hiroyuki-san’s side”. It explained the circumstances leading to the suspension of the coverage.

 The Ryukyu Shimpo said that it was true that they had made adjustments based on the premise that the interview would be distributed, but explained that they had assumed that it would be distributed via the intermediary’s YouTube channel. Hiroyuki’s side revealed that two days before the interview, they were presented with a new condition that the distribution must be on another media channel.

 The paper stated that “the paper considered the possibility of the interview of this reporter being distributed by other media, but as a conclusion could not be reached before the scheduled date of the interview, the paper informed Hiroyuki-san’s side that the interview on the 21st would not take place”.

Hiroyuki Today

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