Hiroyuki Today: A Personal View from the Elderly Employment Rate

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, a businessman and founder of 2channel, updated his Twitter page by the 6th.

In relation to the employment rate of elderly people in Japan, he mentioned the “income” of convenience store clerks.

 He pasted a news article that said that approximately 60% of men in their late 60s are employed, based on the contents of the “White Paper on Aging Society” released by the Cabinet Office in June 2022, and pointed out, “For example, if an elderly person receiving a pension works at a convenience store, he/she does not have to cover all living expenses, so he/she continues working at a low salary. As a result, young people’s salaries will also be kept low, and it will continue to be impossible for them to support their families even if they work full time,” he argued.

He continued, “It is impossible for a convenience store clerk in Japan to get married, raise children, and send them off to college,” in his personal opinion.

 The minimum wage, which is set by prefecture, was revised in October, and the average for all prefectures is 961 yen per hour. The highest is 1,072 yen in Tokyo and the lowest is 853 yen in 10 prefectures.

Even elderly people living on pensions are now working part-time at convenience stores. The problem is that their wages are the same as those of young people.

Nevertheless, this Japan has become a country with no future.

Hiroyuki Today

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