Hiroyuki Today: “A country where life gets harder and harder even if you keep working.”

Hiroyuki Today

“There is only one country in the developed world where life is getting harder and harder even if you keep working, because prices keep going up and salaries don’t.

 Hiroyuki is the founder of the anonymous bulletin board “2channel,” and his unique words and actions have made him an active commentator on wide-ranging TV shows and as a YouTuber.

On January 6, he updated his Twitter account and made the following comment.

Hiroyuki discussed an NHK article that said real wages in November 2022 were down 3.8% from the same month last year, the first drop since 2014. Real wages have been negative for eight consecutive months against the backdrop of rising prices.

 Hiroyuki has complained about the Kishida administration’s economic policies in the past, and it is clear that he is referring to Japan as “a country where life is getting harder and harder.

 On December 26, 2022, Mr. Hiroyuki was engaged in a debate about raising the ceiling on national health insurance premiums.

Due to the increase in medical costs caused by the aging of the population, the maximum amount of national health insurance premiums was raised by 30,000 yen in FY2022, and the government has decided to raise it by another 20,000 yen to 870,000 yen per year in FY2023.

 Hiroyuki dismisses these premiums as “a fine paid by healthy workers in Japan”.

 The opening tweet continues: “In other countries, life gets better if you keep working. Is it the fault of the workers in those countries? Is it the politicians’ fault?” and sarcastically commented on Japan’s economic situation.

 In a remote appearance on the January 6 news program “ABEMA Prime” (ABEMA), Hiroyuki lamented about the future of Japan.

He said, “Even if it’s wrong to say, ‘We’re going to raise taxes to lower the birthrate,’ it’s going to pass as it is”.

Japan will continue to do the wrong thing for a long time, so in that sense, it will be the same as before. The economy will continue to decline, and the birthrate will remain low.

Japan is a backward country being played by politicians. I wouldn’t be surprised if a riot broke out any day now.

Hiroyuki Today

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