“Google Maps Platform Gaming Services” to be discontinued, Draque Walk to continue with alternative use

google maps platform gaming sevices

Google is ending its Google Maps Platform Gaming Services, which allows developers to create games set in real life. The information is available on the developer website and has been deprecated as of October 18.

Existing user companies will be able to use the service until 31 December 2022. During this period, support and fixes for major bugs and failures will still be provided.

 ”Google Maps Platform Gaming Servicies is part of Google’s gaming solution that aims to make it easier to create games based on real-world location and geography, and to provide a highly immersive experience for players. The service has been available to the public since 15 June 2020.

 Dragon Quest Walk, the app that uses the service, will be switched over to the new feature and will continue to operate.

 ”PAC-MAN GEO”, one of the apps that uses Google Maps Platform Gaming Services, will be discontinued on October 28, 2021.

 Niantic’s games, such as the popular location-based game “Pokémon GO”, used to work with Google Maps, but switched to the open-source mapping project OpenStreetMap in 2017.

google maps platform gaming sevices

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