Google announces the “Best Apps 2021” and “Best Games 2021” for the official Anroid app store in Japan

google best app in Japan

On November 29 (local time), Google announced “Google Play’s Best of 2021”, a ranking of the most popular apps in 2021 on Google Play Store, the official Android app store. The Japanese version of the list has also been released, and we’ll introduce it here.

The company usually announces the best app and game of the year and the grand prize. It seems to reflect the number of downloads, user evaluations and votes, and there are no clear selection criteria announced.

 The “Best App 2021” in the app category is the free to read manga app “Piccoma”.

The long-term impact of the new coronavirus infection has led to the popularity of entertainment apps that make spending time online more creative and enjoyable.

 ”Weather News” was voted the best in the user-voted category and the grand prize in the “useful for daily life” category, due to the combination of earthquakes, torrential rain and other weather concerns.

In the games category, “Uma Musume Pretty Derby won the “Best Game 2021” award. The game also won the Grand Prize in the User Voting category and the Grand Prize in the Exciting category. The Grand Prize in the Exciting category went to “Pokemon UNITE”.

The Best of 2021 app in the US was “Balance”, a fitness app, and “Pokemon UNITE”, a game.

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google best app in Japan

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