GameCube Controller Book



The GameCube was released by Nintendo in 2001.
The GameCube is still very popular and has become a collector’s item for many enthusiasts.

Many people don’t know this, but the Wii can read GameCube software, and the controller has a slot in the top of the console, so even if you don’t have a GameCube, you can still play with the Wii. Therefore, the demand of the controller was not exhausted.

In addition, the operability is also very good, and after it became WiiU, even after it became Nintendoswitch, the connection tap is made, and it is devised so that the controller of the GameCube can be used as it is in the new hardware as before. Therefore, the precious color of the past is of course. The basic colors are still very popular.

(The service is stopped now.) It is easier to play them with a GameCube controller than with a normal remote control. This is why it was so popular. I’m sure it will continue to be popular in the future as the Switch also has a service that allows you to play past games.


1. Basic colors

First of all, let’s take a look at the basic colors. These are not very expensive and are relatively easy to find.
relatively easy to find
They are inexpensive and easy to find.
They are very good products, so we would like to introduce them to you.


This is a classic. It’s the original basic colour of the GameCube, like the grey and neon colours of the Switch, and it was first sold in September 2001. It’s the GameCube colour.


This is the second colour that was released in November 2001. This is also a popular colour for a long time.


This was the second GameCube to be released, along with Orange. It was the first colour to be released, but it was a surprise.

Violet & Clear

Violet and clear are considered to be a special colour that was released later, but they were actually sold separately when the orange and black were released. This is why it is not considered so rare. The clear part is not easy to handle because it is easy to get dirty.


This is the third color that was released in December 2002. The difficulty with this color is that, unlike the previous ones, it is a ‘painted’ color, which means that it will have a tendency to flake. Therefore, it is difficult to find one in good condition. However, even if it is not in good condition, it will still sell well.

2. Things that aren’t basic color.

Emerald Blue

This is the Emerald Blue, sold individually. It is a popular colour both in Japan and abroad, and the market price is a little higher than the basic colour.


We mentioned at the beginning of this article that the GameCube can also be played on the Wii, but this one was released in 2008 to match the Wii’s colour. The cable is also white and is still in high demand both in Japan and overseas.


This is a very valuable controller that is only included in a special pack called Enjoy Plus Pack +.

Enjoy Plus Pack +

This is the only set that comes with the clear controller that we introduced on the previous page. It also comes with a Game Boy Player which can also play Game Boy Advance.

Starlight Gold

This is a gold-colored GameCube that was only available at Toys “R” Us. The body is also gold. It’s hard to find one in good condition because it’s painted like the silver one. It is also difficult to find one that is in good condition because the silver color looks like this when it turns yellow.

3. Smash Brothers

Smash Bros Black

This is the model controller for the Smash Bros. It’s always in short supply, although it does get re-released on an irregular basis.

Smash Bros White for Wii U

This is the white version of the Wii U Smash Bros. model. It’s also very popular, as the regular white version is very popular.

Smash Bros Black for Wii U

This is the black Smash Bros. model for Wii U. It’s not as popular as the white one, but it’s popular too.


This is not a genuine product, but one made by HORI.
It has a special terminal, so it can only be used with Wii and Wii U.


If it was Pokemon, it might sell well, but it doesn’t seem to sell well. The reason for this is that it can only be used with the Wii system.


Even the popular Mario is not so popular.


The Wii controller is not a good choice.

5. Not for sale and limited edition

Mario (exclusive to Club Nintendo)

This is a rare controller that was not for sale and could only be obtained by collecting and exchanging Nintendo Points for the GameCube version.

Luigi (Club Nintendo Limited Edition)

This is also a must-have for enthusiasts.

Hanshin Tigers Championship Commemorative Model

This is a rare model that comes with the main unit and uniform, but also has the logo on the controller.

Symphonic Green Edition

This is the limited edition of Tales of Symphonia, and the controller is also a limited colour.

Panasonic GameCube “Q”

This is a very cool robot-like controller. It’s a compo style, and unlike the normal body, it has a disc tray. This also has the logo on the controller and the colour is limited, so the controller is also rare.

Final Fantasy Model

This is a very rare console, only 150 units were made in the world. This is a very rare model and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Wavebird Silver

This controller is called “Wave Bird”.
Wireless controller
This is a wireless controller with a receiver. It’s the only wireless product for the GameCube.

Wave Bird – Club Nintendo Limited Color

This is a Club Nintendo limited edition and is very rare. It is not listed on

Wave Bird Char

It is quite rare.

Digital Controller

It’s called “Digital” but it’s an analog controller, wired. It’s quite expensive; if you can get it for $100, it’s a bargain.

Ascii Keyboard Controller

This is a controller developed for a game called Phantasy Star Online. It’s also quite expensive, at least $70.

A little story

This is an early version of the controller. This is an early version of the controller, the later ones have the “CE” mark in the circle. This is an early controller, so it’s quite old. Many of them have some rattling, so it is easy to be avoided a little.

A little story

This is a mid-range model. The back of the controller is marked “CE”. This is the normal durability, so it’s not as bad as the earlier models.

A small story

This is the later model. It has a small dot on the back of the controller next to “CE”. This is a very popular controller with high performance and durability.

A small story

Most of them are described as “MADE IN CHINA”, but there is a rare one made in JAPAN. (There is also a product of SONY of PS) It is said that the one made in JAPAN is good, but the one that sells at a high price is not able to be confirmed.

Do you enjoy playing the GameCube?


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