Free “ONE PIECE” volumes 1-92 are now available, in stages through July 31, DL the app.

one piece free

On June 27, Shueisha began offering free access to volumes 1-92 of the popular manga “ONE PIECE” (by Eiichiro Oda) on its manga app “JUMP+” and e-bookstore “Zeblack”.

 The first installment covers episodes 1-303 (East Sea to Sorajima) and will be available until July 10; episodes 304-597 (City of Water to Summit War) from July 11 to 24, and 598-931 (Fish Man Island to Wanokuni) from July 25 to 31.

 A “Catch-up Pack” containing the last 10 episodes (episodes 1044-1053) will also be distributed exclusively to JUMP subscribers.

 One Piece has already been released up to volume 102. The serialization is heading toward its final chapter.

For now, DL the app. Read all volumes at once.

one piece free

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