Farewell Japan. Japan’s declining cabinet support. Is there a future?

Farewell Japan

Japanese who do not take off their masks. Prime Minister Kishida took off his mask during his state funeral and during meetings with foreign dignitaries.

Masks are being used in commercials to take them off outside. Most Japanese people do not give up their masks.

Even if young people understand in Japan that they can produce antibodies by taking off their masks, when they enter a shop they are refused entry if they are without a mask.

The dissemination of the My Number system has been very slow.

Naturally, there is dissatisfaction with the current policy.

Incidentally, according to the My Number Law.

Article 4 The State shall, in accordance with the basic principles set out in the preceding article (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Basic Principles’) 1 The State shall take necessary measures to ensure the proper handling of personal numbers and other specified personal information, and shall implement measures to promote the use of personal numbers and corporate numbers in accordance with the basic principles set out in the preceding article (hereinafter referred to as the “Basic Principles”).

2 The State shall endeavour to increase public understanding of the use of personal numbers and corporate numbers through educational activities, public relations activities and other activities.

Article 16-2 The Agency shall, pursuant to the provisions of a Cabinet Order, issue a personal number card to a person who is recorded in the basic resident register, based on an application by that person.

The fact that they are trying to enforce this without seeking the “understanding of the public” and not based on an application, so to speak, is a violation of the My Number Law.

However, the My Number Law is not a concern.

Disapproval of the Cabinet is 43%, much higher than support.

Prime Minister Kishida has been able to do whatever he wants because there have been no elections for three years, but in time his merits and demerits will be revealed in a big way.

I read in a weekly magazine that if the Unification Church is dissolved, the number of seats for the Liberal Democratic Party will be reduced by about 70.

Mr Kishida watched an F1 race in between inspections of the disaster in Shizuoka.

Come to think of it, when former Prime Minister Abe was assassinated, he went golfing 49 days before and also contracted corona, despite having been vaccinated against corona for the fourth time.

Apparently, it can be said that there is no such attitude of seriously listening to the opinions of the Japanese people.

The ridiculous opinions of the developmentally disabled Hiroyuki have stirred up Japan, and measures to counter the weak yen are half-hearted.

Prices will continue to rise and families with low incomes will be left destitute.

What will you do?

What will happen to

This Japan!

Farewell Japan.

Farewell Japan

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎