“Dragon Ball Super Hero” Orange Piccolo PV released

dragonball pv

A special video for the movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” has been released. It contains the scene where Orange Piccolo fights against Cellmax.

“Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” is the latest film in the “Dragon Ball” series, which opened in theaters nationwide on June 11. The newly released “Character PV Piccolo Ver.” condenses the charm of Piccolo into 25 seconds.

The PV starts from the scene where Piccolo is training Pan. It shows a series of scenes in which Piccolo is active, such as when Beadle asks him to pick up Pan from kindergarten and when he sneaks into the Red Ribbon Army’s base.

At the end, he becomes Orange Piccolo, who has surpassed Piccolo (potential ability release), and enters a battle scene in which he and Cellmax, created by the Red Ribbon Army, engage in an epic fistfight. The scene ended with Piccolo’s passionate line, “This is where the real battle begins.

From July 16, “Selected Scenes & Scripts Visual Board (Piccolo ver.)” (5 types in total) will be distributed as the fourth admission present. The gift will also feature Piccolo to liven up the one-month release of the film.

new pv
dragonball pv

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