Bikkuriman “One Piece Man Chocolate RED” goes on sale, 25 types in all, with QR code to listen to special voices / Lotte

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Lotte will release “ONE PIECE MAN CHOCO RED” on August 16th as “BIKKURIMAN” in collaboration with the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED”. It will be sold at an open price, with an estimated price of around 129 yen including tax. Pre-sale in eastern Japan.

The movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” was released on August 6, and Eiichiro Oda will serve as the general producer of the movie, as befitting an anniversary year. The movie has gotten off to the best start in the history of “ONE PIECE” movies, recording an audience of 1.57 million and box-office revenue of 2.25 billion yen over the two days of August 6 and 7.

The “ONE PIECE MAN CHOCO RED” to be released this time is a tie-up product with the BIKKURIMAN series, famous for its wafer chocolates with stickers. This is the fourth collaboration with One Piece, after three years and four months since the third collaboration in April 2019.

The stickers are newly drawn by Bikkuriman illustrators. The usual Bikkuriman anime collaboration stickers are 24 types per product, but for this collaboration, a total of 25 stickers have been lined up to coincide with the 25th anniversary of ONE PIECE. The stickers include the main character “Monkey D. Luffy,” the original movie character “Uta,” and “Shanks and Prince Yamato,” which depicts Shanks and the Bikkuriman character “Prince Yamato” in the same pose.

Each sticker comes with a “limited original quote voice” that allows you to hear the special voices of Luffy and Shanks. You can listen to them by reading the two-dimensional code (QR code) on the back of the sticker with your smartphone.

The three voices that have been available since the release of “One Piece Man Chocolate RED” and the three voices that will be added from October will make a total of six voices available. Mayumi Tanaka, the voice actress who plays Luffy, and Shuichi Ikeda, the voice actor who plays Shanks, will be in charge of the voices.

There are three types of packages. In addition to “Luffy, Shanks & Uta” and “Zoro, Sanji & Nami,” a rare package of “Luffy, Shanks & Uta” with a straw hat on the “One Piece Man” logo will be available.

The rare package is said to appear in approximately 17% of the packages. On both ends of the package, instead of the usual Super Zeus staff mark, a pirate flag-style skull with the “Straw Hat Gang” motif is placed.

I want to buy up all the stickers I can find.

I want to buy all of them.

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いいね または フォローしてね!

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