Animated short film “Two Trees in Jerusalem” released

Two Trees in Jerusalem

During World War II, Nazi Germany murdered approximately 6 million Jews, Roma, political prisoners, and others in what is known as the Holocaust.

Films and dramas based on true stories of Holocaust survivors and what it was like are produced every year in the U.S. and Europe.

In November 2022, a short animated documentary film based on a true story from the Holocaust era called “Two Trees in Jerusalem” was produced and released.

It is available online for anyone to watch and is about 30 minutes long.

Films and dramas about the Holocaust are produced almost every year.

It is a theme that is still watched by many people in Europe and the United States, and has been nominated for many awards.

Many films and dramas are not distributed in Japan because they are not profitable due to the unfamiliarity with the theme and because they contain many brutal scenes. It is true that it is not pleasant to watch.

This documentary short film “Two Trees in Jerusalem” is also non-fiction.

Nonfiction films and documentaries are often used as teaching materials for Holocaust education.

Animated short films are especially suitable for Holocaust education. In particular, this film is not only animated, but also includes photographs of survivors and characters from the time of the Holocaust, making it easy to feel familiar with the Holocaust.

About 80 years after the war, Holocaust survivors are aging, their memories and strength are deteriorating, and there will be no one left in the near future who will be able to tell the truth and how things were in those days.

There are currently about 240,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide.

Despite their advanced age, they are still giving lectures as storytellers at museums and schools to convey the tragic history of the Holocaust.

The digitization of memory, in which the testimonies of Holocaust survivors are recorded and preserved in video and 3D to pass on their memories and experiences of the time to future generations, is being actively promoted.

Digitized testimonies and videos are being used as teaching materials for Holocaust education in Europe, the U.S., and Israel.

Holocaust films are viewed in class for discussion and debate, and reports are written.

As a result, many people are familiar with watching Holocaust films, and many of them go to see Holocaust films even after they reach adulthood.

Many adults also often watch Holocaust films because they are inspired to live by Jews who are trying hard to survive the discrimination and persecution of the Holocaust era.

For many people around the world, the Holocaust is an event in the world of books, movies, and dramas, and it is the movies and dramas that recreate the conditions of the time and form images of the Holocaust.

Regardless of whether the film or drama is non-fiction or fiction, people will be impressed with memories of the Holocaust from the images and stories.

Two Trees in Jerusalem

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