American YouTuber Logan Paul buys 400 million yen worth of first edition Pokémon card boxes

pokemon cards youtuber

Top US Youtuber Logan Paul, who has 23.2 million subscribers to his channel, has revealed that he has bought $3.5 million worth of first edition boxes of Pokémon cards.

On December 20, Paul took to Twitter with a picture of the packed box, commenting, “I spent $3.5 million on this authenticated 1st edition box of Pokémon cards. According to the video posted afterwards, he bought a total of 11 Base Set boxes of first edition Pokémon cards. In the video, he said: “This will probably never happen again,” and added: “How many first edition Lizardons (which are particularly expensive) are in there? He said excitedly.

 In February this year, he also opened a $2 million Pokémon card, which he said was “the most I’ve ever spent in my life”. He also talked about his boxing exhibition match with Mayweather in June this year, where he had a card with an estimated value of over 100 million yen around his neck. This is a 1999 first edition Holo-Lizardon, one of only three in the world, and it is extremely rare. He has said that his life has changed so much since he got this card that he uses it as a good luck charm.

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pokemon cards youtuber

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