Amazing work by paypal. Withdrawing customers’ money without their permission.

paypal withdrawing money without permission

On the 23rd and 24th of November, I found many tweets on twitter saying that the balance of my paypal account was O. I checked my account and found that the entire balance had been transferred to my linked bank without my permission.

From the twitter information, I found out that a lot of Japanese people’s accounts have been withdrawn without their permission.

According to the report, it seems that this was done on an experimental basis for balances over 1 million yen, but my balance is about 30,000 yen, so sending money to an account over 1 million is bullshit. Regardless of the amount, I found out that the cash was transferred without my permission.

The official announcement was made at 9:00 a.m. (Japan time) on November 24, according to information on Twitter today. It said that the mistake was not caused by a server attack and that the money had been gradually returned to the original paypal account.

Yesterday I checked my bank account and found that the money on my paypal account is missing.

I have tried contacting Paypal via chat on their website (as I couldn’t get through on the phone) but have not heard anything from them. when I make a purchase on ebay I get an email immediately confirming the payment, but this time I have not heard anything.

Some tweets say it takes 1.2 weeks for a refund, but I don’t know for sure.

What a lousy company. I am amazed.

I hope my money will come back safely.

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paypal withdrawing money without permission

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