A hot topic on SNS! ”ONE PIECE FILM RED” UTA, dream novels, and villainous works have too much in common!

one piece film red NY

 As the release of the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” approaches, expectations are finally rising. UTA, a new character revealed as the heroine of the movie, has already created a great sensation among fans. It is no wonder, as UTA is filled with many shocking settings.

 Daughter of Shanks, the Fourth Emperor, and the world’s diva. She seems to have had contact with Luffy before the start of the original work, and it has already been hinted that she is capable of some kind of devil fruit. Just the fact that she is Luffy’s childhood friend and Shanks’ daughter is shocking, but that is not the only reason why she became a hot topic on social networking sites. This setting was actually familiar to otaku girls from long ago.

 What UTA reminds us of, that’s exactly what it is: dream novels! Yume-shosetsu are novels in which two-dimensional characters are combined with the author, and were very popular in the 2000s as a form of fan activity. In particular, the most common settings seen in “ONE PIECE” dream novels were “Luffy’s childhood friend,” “Shanks’s daughter,” and “a person with the ability of devil’s fruit. The voices of joy and bewilderment are spreading.

 Another recent boom that has been described as “dream novel-like” is the “villainess” story. The main character is condemned or exiled, but later takes revenge or the condemned party suffers a painful fate, a so-called “Saaa development,” which was once common in dream novels.

This is also a frequent topic of conversation on SNS, with comments such as,

“It’s similar to the novels about a substitute or a hated character,”

“It’s completely in the vein of dream novels,”

and “If I’m going to be reincarnated anyway, I’d rather it be in a dream novel.

The character settings also share similarities with UTA in that they are “strong from the setting” and “actually XX,” such as “the strongest in magic,” “a saint,” and “actually a princess of a neighboring country.

 Although there are similarities in unexpected ways, there are also differences in that UTA is a legitimately strong heroine and the villainess is a hated heroine, so it remains to be seen how the movie in which she plays an active role will unfold and what kind of ending it will show. I wonder what kind of story “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” the hottest film to be released this summer, will really be like.


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one piece film red NY

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