7 April is Gundam Day. This is the day that the classic animation ”Mobile Suit Gundam” began broadcasting.

4月7日 ガンダムの日

7 April 1979 (Showa 54) was the day the anime ”Mobile Suit Gundam” began broadcasting. Today marks the 43rd anniversary.

 ”Mobile Suit Gundam” is the first series of the robot animation “Gundam”, which is still immensely popular to this day. It is mainly referred to as the “First Gundam” by fans to distinguish it from other works in the series.

 The animation was produced by Japan Sunrise (at the time), with Yoshiyuki Tomino as general director. Character design was by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and mechanical design by Kunio Okawara. All of them are legendary creators who are still active in their respective fields and are probably unknown to anime fans, especially robot anime fans.

Although the series is popular today, it is a well-known story that the series was cancelled due to poor viewer ratings when it was first broadcast. This work is not just a robot action series, but a human drama depicting a realistic war in which mobile suits are treated as a single weapon. Robot animation at the time was mainly aimed at children, but the content was probably a little too difficult for them.

 However, it is strange that the popularity of the series skyrocketed after it was decided to discontinue it. The programme was rebroadcast many times and the ratings exploded, with the highest rating reaching 29.1% in the Nagoya area, according to online information. By the time the film trilogy was released, the series had become such a huge boom that it was called a social phenomenon.

 Inextricably linked to the Gundam series are the Gundam plastic models, known as Gundam plastic models. This too has become a social phenomenon, and is so popular that it is almost impossible to find it on the shelves.

7 April Gundam Day

 This year 2022 is the year of the Gundam series, with three films of the series scheduled to be broadcast and released, and a special edition of the anime ”Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphens”, which is a re-edited version of some episodes from 5 April 2022, will be broadcast on MBS, TOKYO MX and BS11, in sequence. By the time this article is published, one episode has already been broadcast, but BS11 will start on 29 April 2022, so it will be ready in time.

 The film animation ”Mobile Suit Gundam: The Island of Cruz Doan” is scheduled to be released on 3 June 2022. This is a remake of one of the legendary episodes from “First Gundam”. In the film version, it seems that Cruz Doğan has made the aircraft look different from the normal Zaku as a result of repairs and reinforcements, which became a big topic of discussion when the information was released.

 ”Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury” is scheduled to be broadcast from October 2022. This is a new TV series, about seven years after the main broadcast of the aforementioned “Iron Blood Orphens”. The main character is a woman and it has been announced that the main character’s mobile suit will be the Gundam Aerial. The prequel “PROLOGUE” is scheduled to be released in the summer before the main series, so be sure to check that out as well.

Latest information on the anime ”Mobile Suit Gundam: Witches of Mercury”. Key visuals and PV depicting Gundam Aerial and the female protagonist! [3rd Gundam Conference.

アニメ『機動戦士ガンダム 水星の魔女』最新情報。ガンダム・エアリアルと女性主人公が描かれたキービジュアル&PVが公開!【第3回ガンダムカンファレンス】 | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com (famitsu.com)

4月7日 ガンダムの日

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