30,970 new infections in Tokyo, 13 deaths; hospital bed utilization rate 57.7%.

Tokyo Corona August

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on August 6 that 30,970 new cases of new coronavirus infection and 13 deaths have been confirmed. The number of cases decreased by 2,496 compared to the previous Friday.
 The number of seriously ill patients was 37, according to the metropolitan government’s standards. The hospital bed utilization rate is 57.7%.

 Among the newly infected, there were 1014 “special case pseudo-positive patients” (deemed positive), who are considered positive by doctors’ judgment without testing.

 The weekly average number of newly infected patients was 32479.6 as of the 6th, 102.5% compared to the previous week. The total number of cases in Tokyo was 2,362,579.

 By age group, 2885 were under 10, 2851 in their teens, 5916 in their 20s, 5370 in their 30s, 5388 in their 40s, 4038 in their 50s, 1972 in their 60s, 1302 in their 70s, 875 in their 80s, 349 in their 90s, and 20 over 100 years old. 3355 were aged 65 or older. Thirteen people in their 60s to 90s died.

No government measures have been taken. Coronas are no longer as common as the common cold. The hospital bed utilization rate is less than 60%. There is still room for more.

Tokyo Corona August

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