20,000 spectators, including sponsors, for the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony to be discussed by five parties this evening

opening ceremony Olympics Japan


Japan is abuzz today with talk of an Olympic opening ceremony.
It is said that 20,000 people will attend the opening ceremony.
A Ugandan athlete has tested positive for covid-19, but it is not yet known how he was infected.

Currently, alcohol is not allowed in shops in Tokyo after 8pm. The Olympic Games are no longer about sport, they are about commerce and making money.

Primeminister Suga has said he may declare a state of emergency if the number of people infected with corona rises, but all this is just a backward step.

A decision on the maximum number of spectators for the Tokyo Olympics is expected to be made this evening. It is known that the upper limit is 10,000 people, and the idea of 20,000 people is being considered for the opening ceremony only, including the invited guests of sponsors.

 According to a source close to the Games, the maximum number of spectators for the Tokyo Olympics is expected to be about 10,000, in accordance with the government’s standards. However, the organising committee and others are considering a proposal to limit the number of spectators to 20,000 for the opening ceremony. In addition to the 10,000 general spectators, about 10,000 people, including dignitaries from various countries and invited guests of sponsors, are expected to attend the ceremony.

 The Organising Committee, the government, and the International Olympic Committee are expected to hold a five-way meeting at 4 pm Japan time to decide on the maximum number of spectators for the Tokyo Games. The number of visitors to the opening ceremony is also expected to be discussed at the meeting.

opening ceremony Olympics Japan

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