140,000 free space images provided by NASA!

NASA library

Now, I’d like to share with you NASA’s
140,000 images, videos, and sounds of the universe
NASA Image and Video Library

NASA Image and Video Library

It is easy to use.
Just enter a keyword in the search window
in the search window.

For example, enter
”Aurora” in the search window.
in the search window.

Then you will see
Aurora Borealis taken from outer space
Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.

For example, the following images are shown here.

The moon landing during the Apollo mission.
The Earth as seen from the International Space Station
The aurora borealis of Jupiter
The surface of Mars as seen from the Mars rover.

The surface of Mars as seen from the Mars rover……etc.

They are really beautiful pictures and movies.

You can’t help but feel that the universe is magnificent and beautiful.

Why don’t you set them as your wallpaper of your PC or smartphone?
How about setting it as your wallpaper?

NASA Image and Video Library

NASA library

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