「149 free tracks」 “Pokémon DP Sound Library” is now available to enjoy BGM and sound effects from “Pokémon Diamond and Pearl”.

pokemon sound library

Pokémon DP Sound Library”, the official website to enjoy the music of “Pokémon Diamond Pearl”, is now open.

The “Pokémon DP Sound Library” not only lets you listen to music from “Pokémon Diamond Pearl”, which was released in 2006, but also allows you to download sound data and sheet music. There is also a ‘PLAYLISTS’ function that allows you to create your own ‘temochi-kyoku’ by selecting six of your favourite tracks, and a ‘PLAYLISTS’ function that allows you to enjoy the music according to your mood, whether you are in the mood for adventure or just want to cheer yourself up. These songs are also available on YouTube, with links to the start times of 149 songs.

There are also guidelines for downloading sound data and sheet music, which you can read if you plan to use the site.

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MUSICBOX | Pokémon DP Sound Library (pokemon.co.jp)

pokemon sound library

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